Frequently asked questions for Clinton Township Limo

How do we go about reserving a date?

It's simple! Just contact Clinton Township Limo and our courteous agents will gladly guide you through the process.

When making a reservation, do you require a deposit?

Yes. A deposit is required. When you call us we'll fill you in on the details and amounts.

Do you allow alcoholic beverage consumption in your vehicles?

Absolutely. Anyone who is of legal drinking age is welcome to bring and drink adult beverages in any of our vehicles.

Do you provide alcohol?

As we do not have a liquor license, we do not provide alcohol to our customers. As mentioned above, you're more than welcome to bring your own though, provided you're of legal drinking age.

Can we smoke in the vehicles?

No, we do not permit smoking in any of our vehicles at any time. We allow for unlimited stops though, so at any time it is safe to do so, we can pull over to give you or your guests a smoke break.

What are your hours of operation?

For your convenience, we operate every hour of every day of the year. Call us any time!

What happens if our trip goes over our reserved time?

One of the great aspects about the way we do business is that we don't charge an exorbitant rate for over time. You will simply be charged your regular hourly rate for any time you go over.

Are you licensed with the state?

Absolutely, we are licenced and certified by the Department of Transportation.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! In fact, we'd be happy to show you our documentation should you like to see it.

What condition can we leave the vehicle in once our event is over?

We ask that you kindly leave it in the same great condition as it was delivered to you in.